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Group Fitness


Group fitness classes occur several times a week here at the studio.  You just pick a time that's right for you!  Our focus is on developing strength and stamina.  Things that will make your life flow a little smoother.  Programming varies as we like to mix it up to keep things fresh.  Whether you're a seasoned veteran or it's your first time in a gym, our trainers are taught to give you the programing that's right for you!

Want to take your fitness to the next level?  Why not try an advanced strength training class to take your fitness level up a notch or two!  All workouts are supplied as well as off day cardio/HIIT training.  Guaranteed to improve body composition and lean you out.

Personal Training


Group training isn't for everyone.  If your nervous or feel intimidated working out with others, then personal training may be right for you.  It's just you and the trainer.  You'll get one on one attention for all your sessions.  This option includes the full package to set you up for success:  weigh ins/measurements/in studio workouts/ at home workouts and meal planning.  You will succeed!



Gayle Johnson, CPT is also a Canadian Powerlifting certified coach with years of experience at provincial, national and world levels.     Gayle is also a nationally certified powerlifting referee.  She currently holds several national and provincial records in several weight classes.  If you're looking to powerlifting for strength gains or if you are a serious athlete looking to compete, we have you covered here at the studio.  Powerlifting is serious business.  Let's make sure you get it right!

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