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When we say we understand, we truly understand.  Please read our bios below and then you'll figure out the reason we do what we do.  It's all about living.  Pretty simple really.


Gayle Johnson, PTS


Gayle Johnson, PTS is now an avid fitness enthusiast but a detour to raise a large family meant her active lifestyle took a backseat to life. Gayle was very involved in physical education and sport as a young woman. Before long family and a career and life events got in the way and the inevitable weight gain ensued. After shedding over 80lbs Gayle  finished her CanFit Pro personal training course and is back to share her experiences and techniques that will get you where you want to be.


Gayle is a National recorder holder in powerlifting as well as holding all Provincial records. She is currently a member of Team Canada's powerlifting team.

Gayle offers a unique perspective on physical fitness with an emphasis on clean healthy eating and moderate exercise.

Losing weight and getting fit does not mean you need to starve your body and spend countless hours in a gym. She'll debunk the myths that are out there and together, she'll help you set and attain your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Suzanne's  battle with her weight began at about the age of 7. She spent her life overweight and quite unhappy with herself. 


She has worked very hard to be 175 lbs lighter and approximately 130 inches smaller. She has gone from a size 26 pants to a size 4. Her health issues have reversed themselves completely. 


She has competed in provincial weightlifting and powerlifting with multiple 2nd place finishes in her division.  In October of 2015 she competed in her first bikini competition with the WBFF confomation division where she finished in the top 5.  She was also invited to the worlds and qualified for nationals in powerlifting.


She has been very fortunate to be a fitness coach and personal trainer for the last 3 years.  This was her opportunity to showcase what she has learned and help so many others on their weight loss journey.  She has truly found her passion for helping others and herself.

Suzanne Dollimount



Yvonne was a very active child and teenager, involved in competitive sports her whole youth. Then the 20s hit and after having a child the weight was creeping on. Being an only parent didn't allow for a lot of "me" time but that's when she found the gym ... and her passion!! Finding that hour to hit the gym wasn't always easy but you figure it out and realize that giving yourself that hour gives so much more to your kids and family.

Since then she's lost weight (80lbs), gained muscle, found running, found bobybuilding, cross trains, fell in love with yoga. She's run competitively with a 5 mile time of 16:29 and 78:29 her TELY Ten time. She's competed in the Figure class of bodybuilding with 2 first place wins in her class and an overall win and competed nationally.

Yvonne’s passion is fitness and helping people realize what they are capable of and that they can achieve anything. She believes in fitness and what it can give you … more than physically!! To live a healthy life and have quality of life is what it's about!!

"I have had my personal fitness on point to struggling to even get to the gym. I can help people. I have helped people. I want to continue to help people. Hope to chat with you soon!!"

Yvonne Fennelly



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