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Group Fitness

Our Philosophy

What's Happening

Here at Get Waisted Fitness Studio we're into more than just fitness classes.  A solid foundation of movement and nutrition will lead you on a path to success.  It's our job to make those small changes in your environment to set you up for success.  It's not something we take lightly at the studio so expect a unique experience when you walk through those doors. We strive to create a healthy, vibrant, functioning, pain-free version of you!

New for November!!


Members - $30

Non Members - $199(includes unlimited training)

Pay by Credit Card

Pay by Email Transfer

Classes Available - 2 Workout Types Available

Strength Classes

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:00am - 1 Spot
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 9:00am - 4 Spots
Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 6:15pm - 4 Spots
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - 6:15pm/10am Sat - 4 Spots
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - 7:15pm/11am Sat. - 4 Spots

BoxFit Classes

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 12:00pm - 4 Spots
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday - 8:15pm/noon Sat - 4 Spots

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